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Reviews & Feedback

What My Clients Are Saying

I want to share with you my experience as a client with Nilloo Shafagh. From the beginning she created a very relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Her intervention was essential as she helped me understand the real hidden causes behind my money blocks. Thanks to her competent and intuitive guide I was able to see and find out what really gave rise to my problem with money and in this way I had the opportunity to untie the knots of the past and free myself from some powerful conflicting beliefs that were working against me.

I sincerely recommend working with Niloo to anyone who wants to free himself, to solve problems, change habits, get rid of addictions, improve confidence and find out the true potential that lies within each of us.

Loredana T

Thank you so much for the amazing session. That was really a powerful RTT session. The techniques you have used are very good and I can easily see the root cause of my blocks. At one point when I saw a weird scene, you guided me and made me understand the meaning. From that it became easier to see scenes and understand the meaning of it.  

You were really patient when I was being confused and guided me effectively. I really felt relieved after the session as if awakening from bad dreams. 

Rumee S

I would like to share my experience with Niloo Shafagh. She helped me find the real causes of my confusions. With her help I am recognizing where my insecurities come from. With her guidance I am finding root causes and dealing with them in the comfort of my room and in my own time.

It is a very relaxing and soothing experience and I recommend this to anyone who is puzzled and is looking for answers.

Lida N

I want to give Niloo many thanks for an amazing session. She completely unraveled my many blocks about food and healthy eating.

The tape Niloofar made for me and about me was perfect and she added calming relaxing music which was perfect!

Niloofar has a calm peaceful voice and way about her. I would recommend a session with her.

Charline J

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